Have you ever wondered what the point of homework for grade school is?

I have wondered many times what the point of homework is for my kids. My children bring home loads of homework to do each day and I have wondered why.

With the increased demands placed on our children and the workload from school, it seems that there is less time for our children to be kids.

With just the amount of homework alone there’s not much time left for kids to be kids.

Then try squeezing in soccer practice, music lessons, karate, dance, and chores in there with homework, reading, dinner, and bedtime. How are we supposed to have our own time to spend with our kids and develop a trusting relationship with them?.

What happened to the days when kids could spend an hour or two after school playing hide and seek? Or, the times that they could just be with the family and play games? I believe the most important part of childhood is being a child.

I feel it is wrong to load on the homework and expect children to do multiple sheets of homework each day only to have them miss the enjoyment and necessary exercise of being outside. I think that if you want your kids to succeed in school, they need to make school fun so that the children will enjoy being there.

I have noticed that on the days that my children have “extra” homework, life seems to be sucked out of them. They have already spent 6-7 hours at school and now they have to spend the rest of the evening doing more school work. I for one have almost had enough. I have done my children’s homework for them on occasion just so my kids could play for an hour before bedtime.

What is the point of it all? Maybe if the kids need a little extra help with a concept or just need to finish off the work that was started in the classroom, then the kids should have homework. Many times the homework that my kids get is repeat stuff they already know. This is not effective or productive homework. It is just busy work–a total waste of time.

I often think, “For being educators, they sure are not very smart!” I think their methods are counterproductive and totally ineffective.

Make school fun, not drudgery! Bring excitement back into the classroom; don’t punish the whole class when it is only a couple of kids causing the trouble. It seems this is a sure-fire way to kill off the pleasure of being at school.

Most of all, let the kids be kids! They need to play, want to play and should play a bit longer than what the “wise old geezers” of the school boards suggest they should.

It must be that they have forgotten what it is like to want to run and play. The school board “pros” are all used to sitting on their hind-ends for 8+ hours each day, so obviously the kids should too.

We as parents and caring adults should step up our involvement and require, no demand, that our children have more time for family and themselves—to be kids. I think that more often than not, our children complain about how much they don’t like school.

I would like to see my children come home from school and say, “Today was the greatest day of school! We learned ________ and ___________ and did _________ and _______….”. Instead, we hear “The teacher made us stay in from recess again because so and so was noisy.” This burns me up and it’s just plain wrong.

Children need to play and have fun. I guess the teachers are gluttons for punishment when they keep the kids in. Obviously, the kids need to get out and run and spend some energy playing so they will have more of an ability to concentrate on the lessons that they have afterward.

If the teachers could see what they are missing by not allowing children some time to relieve their stresses, they would be more willing to accomplish something in the classroom and therefore decrease the amount of homework that needs to be sent home.

It is not the kid’s fault that they have homework; I am placing blame on the teacher’s inability to productively teach. Maybe our educators need to go back to school so they can learn really how to do it.