As a swimming instructor in my college…

As a swimming instructor in my college…

I had a physics teacher in high school that would always tell stories.

These stories seemed to just be kind of like shooting the breeze, but then they would tie in with a principle that he was trying to get across.

For example, he spends a lot of time in the middle east working on oil rigs.

He talked about the culture over there versus here and mentioned that over there, they just use a bar of soap when they shower, no washcloths, whereas in the states we tend to use washcloths.

He then mentioned living through droughts and how he would turn the water on to get wet, then turn it off while he lathered up and washed, then turn the water back on to rinse off.

During this process of course, not only would his body get cold, but so would the washcloth that he used.

This is, of course, do to the nature of water vapor and body-heat energy being used to turn the water on your skin into water vapor, which is why you cool off faster when you are wet, but not in a body of water than when you are mostly submerged.

I don’t know about that exact example, but telling stories to get your audience captive and then sneaking in some useful information always seems to work well.

As a teenager, I taught hundreds of kids the fine art of swimming. I was employed by the local swimming pool to be a lifeguard and a Water Safety Instructor (WSI).

As part of my responsibilities, I needed to learn all of their names and for my benefit, I would learn a little something about each one personally.

I found that as I worked with these kids, and played little games that would keep them interested in what we were doing, the kids would respond and complete the skills that we had worked on.

Occasionally, we would have a child that wasn’t the best at swimming, but they gave it a super effort.

Each day the kids would come and I would talk to them briefly about their interest and I tried to show that I cared about each person individually.

It is hard to keep up on all the Pokeman or Transformers, but I tried so that I had something in common. In turn, each child viewed me as a friend, not a teacher and we played our way through many swimming skills that they would keep for many years to come.

I truly believe that there needs to be a quality teacher to teach kids in the right way. My experience is that there are many teachers that are just there for the paycheck but truly do not enjoy the kids.

If we could just change the opinions and attitudes of the teachers so they would enjoy the kids instead of battling the kids, our children would learn so much better and be more accepting of the things that are presented to them.