World’s Most Efficient Server with Processer Shipped by Sea Micro

SM10000-64 the new server bought out by Sea Micro and giving the advanced and most efficiency server 64 bit x86, with 64-bit Intel Atom N570 processor.

The new server is configured with SM10000-64 integrates 256 Intel Atom Dual-Core 1.66Ghz Processors – 512 64 Bit Cores and 850 GHz, Into a 10 Rack unit System, with this new server architecture SM10000-64 newer version of SM10000 decreases power consumption and occupancy close to 75 percent and it wouldn’t be needing any further software modifications.

The new server is optimized for 64-bit supporting internet data environments and it gives out higher compute per unit and more compute per unit space comparing to any other x86 systems’ built till now, The SM10000-64 stand as the leader in the industry with the bandwidth per unit compute.

SM10000-64 can give results five times output more than the other traditional servers with the Sea Micro’s terabit/second supercomputer design fabric; this feature also enables the server to run applications which require the broad server to server communication like Hadoop to run quickly by keeping bottlenecks from inhibiting application performance.

The New version SM10000-64 set an example after beating the 1,406 dual-socket quad-core servers with just consuming one-quarter of the power and one fifth-space, and completely a different set of tests were conducted and the benchmark web serving produced a parallel outcome. The ApacheBench one the test that fetches around one million 16 kb files per-second per second.

Sea Micro’s SM10000-64 produced equal results as 45 best-in-class dual-socket quad-core servers, however, the SM10000-64 used only one-quarter space and power.

With the new processor Intel Atom dual-core N570 supporting four gigabytes of the operating system per socket. The new motherboard designed by Sea Micro combining with the N570 processor allows max utilization with using less than one watt for each gigahertz compute.

The new SM10000-64 features:

  • 256 dual-core 1.66 GHz Intel Atom processors,
  • 1.024 Terabytes of DDR3 DRAM,
  • Up to 64 SATA solid-state or hard disk drives,
  • 8 – 64 one gigabyte Ethernet uplinks.

Add-on benefits include:

  • Four gigabytes of addressable memory per socket,
  • Support for 64-bit operating systems,
  • The industry-leading density with 512 cores per 10 rack unit, or 2,048 cores per 7-foot rack,
  • Delivers one gigabyte of bandwidth per core: 5 times more bandwidth than traditional servers*,
  • Runs off-the-shelf OSs for application compatibility, enabling drop-in adoption,
  • Integrated top-of-rack switch, load balancer, and console server simplify infrastructure by eliminating equipment that adds unnecessary cost and management complexity.

The Sea MicroServer is very easy to use and it is available for $148,000 base configuration.

If you want to design and develop cost-effective Data Analytics applications