College is Important

A college education will help your child get:

  • A Better Job
    Research shows that people with college degrees have increased job choices that match their interests.
  • Higher Wages
    Earning a four-year university degree will, on average, increase a person’s salary by over $20,000 per year over someone with only a high school diploma.
  • Improved Work Skills
    College teaches study and critical-thinking skills that are necessary for today’s job market.
  • Greater Understanding of the World 
    College introduces students to great thinkers and achievers who have shaped our world.
  • Enhanced People Skills 
    College students expand their opportunities to meet other students and teachers from diverse backgrounds.
  • Expanded Network of Friends 
    The friends a child meets in college are often friends for life.
  • More Life Options in the Years Ahead 
    College introduces students to many career paths that match their skills and interests.

As a parent, you may be surprised to know that college for your child can be achievable and affordable.

But you need to prepare now. This website will walk you through the steps to get your child into a college that’s right for him or her.

Being proactive today will help your child earn a college degree tomorrow.

So read on . . .

Parent Action Items:
  • Motivate and inspire your child today to start thinking about college.
  • Make sure your child understands that you are supportive and will work with her to make it possible.
  • Read the resource that’s listed below and review it with your child. It is written in both English and Spanish and will help you take the first steps to make college a reality.